About us

 Z Hotel welcomed our first quests in 1954. The history of the hotel is closely connected with VDNKh (the Russian acronym for the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy), and was built to accommodate guests of the exhibition.

One of the first international events in the USSR was the Festival of Youth and Students. There weren’t enough  “collective farmer’s houses” for all the participants arrived from the regions, and the conditions were Spartan. Therefore, the city administration decided to build a new hotel chain. A whole street of hotel buildings was built and one of these buildings was our hotel.

Later on Z Hotel has become a legendary one. The older generation knew for sure where the could comfortably and inexpensively stay in a huge city. When coming back from the All-Union construction sites, Soviet people constantly stayed in our hotel. Hundreds of sports fans from all over the world started their pleasant acquaintance with Olympic Moscow from our reception desk. Time marches on, and we are trying to keep up with the trends of the new time while remembering the decent history. Z Hotel today is thirty-nine comfortable rooms and suits of two categories – Standard and Comfort. Wireless Internet that respects your online security, a great choice of TV channels, our textiles from the weaving capital of Russia – the city of Ivanovo and our soft towels warmed by the rays of the Tashkent sun. We do care about future generations, so we don’t use disposable toiletries. We provide soft, eco-friendly cosmetics that you can use unlimited. Your leisure time at Z Hotel is confined to a room! Enjoy our cozy anti-cafe, a hearty and affordable restaurant menu and a comfortable spa zone.

Z Hotel is at your service! We are developing together with you, for you!


About us

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